“4 years, more than 5.000 sqm of planning and construction together, close to 1 billion HUF investment. In numbers, I can present our cooperation with Gábor, like this. And what’s behind of this, is trust.

Gábor showed me, that in responsible planning, besides serving and forming the client’s goals, the freedom and creativity of the designer can fit perfectly. In our joint work, I have a regular experience, how the cooperative thinking forms my business thinking and my decisions. Observation, analysis, decision and repetition of these. Together, anytime, anywhere and as many time as needed. This requires the creativity, flexibility, moderate thinking and business attitude and for me, all of this can be found in Gábor.”

– Csaba Laudán

how we work


I always walk, with my eyes open, I’m interested about the things. I wonder why things actually work, why people like things. This point of view is the basis of my work. Experience and make it conscious.

Whether it is your home or your workplace, it is important to say what it has to say. In the kitchen, in the morning, the sun should shine on top of the cocoa, we could wave to daddy through the window, who is washing the car. Your work environment suggests what it wants to suggest to the clients. It can be sophistication, warmth, or convincing power. People are reading the world of colors and shapes they just don’t know about it. I’m fine tuning them, just to make it better for you…


Planning is a conversation between us. The most important to me is to understand you, your needs. The plan is not about me, but rather about you. I merely create the unity of color, form, needs and possessions. The style itself is secondary but to be stylish, is important. You have to feel and create harmony with either minimal, classic or mediterranean feeling. I enjoy my job, I love architecture. It gives me a creative, entertaining and even sufficiently comprehensive world. I’m happy to show you too… /design with passion – architecture with passion/


You love the plans of the house. Do you want to feel that the constructor feels and understands what the plan is about and does not just read it? Does it sound good? I am convinced that only those are capable of this, who are a little bit of architects too. To know what the light is in the space, what is the essence of a wood floor, when to stop when the plan does not give you a fair answer to a question or how cost effective equivalent solutions can exist? Essential questions. Your calmness, but especially your satisfaction depend on these during the construction...


Style is the people themselves, they say. Everyone desires something stylish, unique, something that is just his or her. What is for and about them. The world is full of thrilling objects, old and new ideas. We try to give you ideas and offer moments that will get you closer to yourself and your goals. Special coverings? Rethought furniture? Unique decorations and accessories? We show you another world... We help you, to make your home a special place.